Coupons Help You Save Money Every Day!

Save money this week with these discounts from is not a daily deals or a coupon site, but we’re big fans of using them. Anything that helps you save money and cut costs to avoid adding more credit card debt is a good thing. So, we’ve partnered with our friends at to bring you the best discounts available this week.

Remember, the more you save, the less likely you are to rely on credit cards to cover expenses because you have limited cash flow!

Tips for using coupons and deals effectively

  • Easier is better. Choose a coupon app or deal engine that works for how you like to shop. Some tools, like rebate apps may give you too many hoops to jump through to save if you’re not used to using them.
  • Hit your favorite stores first. Weekly circulars and retailer apps can be a great way to save easily. You only see deals for places you actually shop. Plus, they usually send exclusive offers to their email lists or social media followers, so you get even better offers.
  • Don’t let interest charges offset your savings. If you save $2 by couponing but charge $30 on an 20% APR credit card, you save a little over $1.25. The other $0.75 gets used to pay interest charges on your next credit card bill.
  • Don’t spend just because you find a good deal. If you get a BOGO on an item that you didn’t need, now you have two items taking up space in your home that you didn’t need.
  • Be careful to avoid purchase acceleration for points. This is where you spend more money to earn the next level of a points-based deal or coupon user level. In other words, “I want to be a Gold Member, so I spend extra cash just to get that status.”

Don’t get caught in the coupon trap!

The nice thing about sites like is that they offer straightforward savings for consumers. Just find the coupons you want, clip, print and save. There’s no members’ only portal where you earn points for saving a certain amount or buying up to a certain level.

Other daily deal websites and apps, as well as in-store customer savings programs, come with a hidden financial risk built in. They help you save by driving you to spend more. That’s what purchase acceleration is all about. It happens with point-rewards credit cards, too, where you spend extra to hit the next reward level.

On many saving sites and apps, they’re always driving you to spend money with them. They help you save because getting you to spend more helps them generate more revenue. You can get some amazing deals, but if you’re overspending to get them, your strategy is off.

This is especially true with retail discounts on things like clothing and household goods. In-store savings programs are often worth the flood emails that hit your inbox. But you need the willpower to only take advantage of the deals you actually need.