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Discount Prescription Prices with Blink Health

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Blink Health negotiates discount prescription drug prices so you don’t have to. The best part? There aren’t even any membership fees. This app, which has been covered on NBC Nightly News and in The New York Times, sounds too good to be true (and according to some reviewers, it is). searched through reviews to find out what its users really think and how the prescription discount app really works.

How Blink Health Works

According to Blink’s website, their process consists of three steps after you receive your prescription from your doctor. First, you search for the medication on the Blink Health website. Then, you buy your medication right on Blink and print the card you get after purchase. Lastly, you go to the pharmacy, show the printout, and pick up your medication. Blink says you don’t have to pay again at the pharmacy, and there is also an option to get your medications delivered to your home address.

Just how do they accomplish this? Blink Health works with a pharmacy benefits administrator that negotiates drug prices on your behalf. When the pharmacist processes Blink as the primary payor, this pharmacy benefits administrator reimburses the pharmacy for the medication.

Is Blink Health a legitimate company?

Yes! Blink  Health is a legitimate company. According to their website, they are “the cure for high drug prices.”

Do I need a prescription for Blink Health?

You need a prescription in order to purchase your medication on Blink Health, but you do not need your doctor’s permission to use Blink for that purchase.

Can you use Blink with insurance?

When it comes to insurance, Blink Health is an either/or situation. You can’t combine the two, so it’s best to use whichever service gets you the best price. Make sure to tell your pharmacist to process Blink as the primary payor.

Can I use Blink with Medicare?

You can use Blink Health if you are on Medicare. Like insurance, Medicare can’t be used in conjunction with Blink to get an even lower price. Use whichever option gets you the lowest price on its own.

What pharmacies accept Blink?

There are many different pharmacy networks that work with Blink. The best way to find a pharmacy in their network near you is to search for your zip code on

Blink Health Reviews

We searched the web for reviews of Blink Health to find out what consumers actually think. Here’s what we discovered:


  • There is a wide choice of pharmacies.
  • Consumers get to pick the lowest price for you.
  • You can pay online.
  • You have access to 15,000 covered medications.


  • There is a large, but limited, number of covered medications at 15,000.
  • Some Redditors complained about the confusion between Blink and pharmacies causing problems with payment.
  • On the Better Business Bureau, there are some complaints about customer support.

Interested in trying out Blink Health for yourself? Go to to sign up.

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