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The Cheapest Cell Phone Plans You Never Knew About

Who has the best cell phone plan
Written by Michelle Bryan

You would think finding the cheapest cell phone plans is as easy as doing an online search. Sadly, the computer doesn’t scream the answer at you. If your cell phone bill has you wanting to switch plans, you know how hard it is to find the best deal. With cell phones, it’s not just the monthly cost. There’s the data plan, the texting plan, the reliability of the network, and the upfront costs. Don’t forget “overage charges” and “data overage” and “roaming fees.”

Today, the average cell phone bill is over $80 per month, according to MoneySavingPro, a leader in online comparison-shopping tools.

You could spend days figuring out which plan is right for you. But if you want to know who has the best cell phone plan, let MoneySavingPro help you. The best part is, you don’t need to leave the house or even your desk.

Who has the best cell phone plan?

If you want to know who offers the best cell phone plan, it depends on your what you’re looking for. Besides, the cheapest cell phone plans are not always the best. In fact, there are many low-cost plans that do not offer the features most consumers want.  You can get a flip phone with limited minutes and texting, but no data. But that doesn’t mean you are willing to compromise on features for price.

On the other hand, you may want to know more about the best cell phone family plans, or those offered by certain carriers like Sprint or Verizon.

By and large, the best cell phone carrier in the U.S. is Verizon, followed by T-Mobile and AT&T. All three companies offer family or individual plans, with high rankings for network speed.

The carrier who has the best cell phone deals for you may have the worst offerings for another person. So, if you are tired of doing the research yourself, we have a solution for you.

MoneySavingPro’s Cell Phone Plans Comparison Chart

Did you know that as many as 50-70% of smartphone users are overpaying on their cell phone plans? MoneySavingPro makes it easy to shop for the cheapest cell phone plan and makes it easier than ever to switch. Compare cell phone plans in a matter of minutes using their comparison chart.

Mobile carriers are good at telling you everything you want to hear when it comes to having the fastest speeds to the best coverage. But, how do you know what you are getting yourself into? Doing the research yourself is not only time-consuming, but it can also be confusing. Who wants to go through all that? You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your cell phone service by switching to a carrier that is more suited to your data and usage needs.

Experts from MoneySavingPro have spent hundreds of hours researching plans. Their website allows you to examine multiple carriers in one place so you can decide which deal is best for you. To start, all you do is provide information about your current plan. Worried about early termination fees? Some carriers will pay off early termination fees and may allow you to keep your phone and phone number.

Cut Your cell Phone Bill with a Calculator

Whether you are shopping around for a new plan or simply want to calculate your possible savings MoneySavingPro makes it quick and easy!

Researchers at MoneySavingPro begin reviewing each provider by pouring over their websites to find out what sets them apart from others in the industry. What features do they offer? Are the prices competitive? Then they look at the disclaimers and the asterisks, uncovering anything that a consumer would need to know. They make it a point to look at the fine print and translate it into easy-to-understand language so there are no surprises. MoneySavingPro also checks a company’s standing with resources such as the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and the American Customer Satisfaction Index and rely on experts and writers to bring ideas to life in a comprehensive, well-researched guide.

More Than A Cell-Phone Comparison Site

MoneySavingPro isn’t some one-trick pony. It offers consumers comparison tools for cell phone plans, smart phone prices, internet, and cable. The company was founded in 2016 by CEO Rob Webber, an expert on money saving tips and topics such as getting out of debt and personal finance. Webber developed the company to help consumers make apples to apples plan comparisons to avoid confusing pricing models often used by the larger carriers.

“As a Brit living in the US, it interests me when I see big differences between these markets. For the last five years, the average UK phone bill has been declining and is now just $30 per month. While during the same period, the average US bill continues to rise and is now as much as $80 per month. I believe the three main reasons for the opposing trend in the UK – the early adoption of bringing your own phone plans, several low-cost resellers entering the market and an abundance of comparison sites. We are seeing similar trends starting to occur in the US, and we want to use a proven model to help consumers cut their monthly bills by easily switching to a cheaper carrier,” says Webber.

MoneySavingPro isn’t some one-trick pony. It offers consumers comparison tools for cell phone plans, smart phone prices, internet, and cable.

Although your monthly cell phone bill is not reported to the credit bureaus, if you stop paying your bill, it could end up in collections which will definitely impact your score. Don’t give up. Explore your options and examine your cell phone plan and contract. For more money tips visit’s Solution Center

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