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5 Quick Ways To Save Money In Only 5 Minutes

quick ways to save money
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Actually, you can save even more than that by using these novel and credible websites.

There are many quick ways to save money. There are many ways to save time. But there are very few ways to save both at once.

That’s because overspending is really efficient. Think about it: Brown-bagging your lunch during the workweek will save you money, but it’s so much easier to pay for a delivery service to bring your lunch to your desk.

So the secret to saving big bucks is to let other people do the hard work for you. Of course, you have to trust these people with your money. Here are five websites has investigated, interviewed, and approved…

Here are our top 5 quick ways to save money!

1. GoodRx: Prescription for savings recently partnered with a unique company called GoodRx. If you need prescription drugs, you’ve probably experienced “bottle shock.”

You’ve heard of “sticker shock”? That’s when you shop for a new car and are blown away by the high price that’s written on the paper stuck to the windshield. Well, that also happens when you see the price of prescription drugs when you pick up the bottle at your local pharmacy.

GoodRx has solved that problem by giving your local pharmacy some stiff competition. Millions of Americans already use this free service to find cheaper drugs at 70,000 pharmacies around the country. You can save up to 80 percent and actually spend less time filling your prescriptions.

SAVE NOW: Go to’s GoodRx report and use the search box.

2. FlexShopper: A better way to rent

Rent-to-own stores are a convenient way to get furniture and appliances you can’t afford to buy. But they’re not a great way to save money. FlexShopper is trying to combine that convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Basically, FlexShopper takes rent-to-own totally online, which means greater savings and greater selection.

SAVE NOW: Check out’s FlexShopper report.

3. Unison: A home without the hassle

If your rent is skyrocketing but you can’t afford a home, there’s a company that will pay a large part of your down payment for you. You’ll get into a house sooner and start building equity, which will save you thousands each year.

So what’s the catch? When you finally sell your house, this company takes a cut — but it won’t force you to sell, and it won’t take a dime if you don’t profit when you do sell.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The company is called Unison, and they’ve been around for more than a decade.

SAVE NOW: Check out’s Unison report.

4. Amazon Subscribe & Save: More savings more often has already told you the secret savings hidden in Amazon Prime. But have you heard about Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service? It’s as simple as it is profitable: For items you buy regularly, you save up to 15 percent and have them delivered to your door automatically.

Best of all, you can skip deliveries or cancel the entire service anytime. Talk about quick ways to save money and time!

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