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10 Sexy Ways To Save on Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love, Money, and Flowers
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From flowers to champagne, you can save money without being cheap.

Is your love for your sweetheart endless – but your bank account isn’t? If you’re feeling the pressure to buy an expensive dinner, a dozen roses or a flashy gift on Valentines’ Day, calm down.

There’s more than one way to shower your honey with love and attention, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With a little imagination and resourcefulness, you can still make the day special without breaking the bank.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without harpooning your budget with Cupid’s arrow…

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1. Prepare a romantic dinner.

A couple of steaks, salad, and a side dish shouldn’t run more than $30. You’ll also find great pasta recipes that cost next to nothing online. Make sure you have candles, music and a fire in the fireplace if you’ve got one. For a romantic twist, get a friend to serve as your chef, wine steward, and server for the meal. He or she can make a quick exit after dessert.

2. Skip the roses.

Everybody buys expensive roses but that doesn’t mean you can’t break from the flock. Instead, buy a flowering, potted plant and offer it as a symbol of your undying love. Or, buy a few roses added to a less expensive bouquet from the grocery store florist.

3. Use gift cards.

Save those holiday gift cards you received for Valentine’s Day shopping or dining and you may still come off as a big spender.

4. Shop for wine.

Read up on inexpensive wines[1] and wine ratings to select a good bottle.[2]
Stay away from the cheapest stuff, though. The last thing you need on Valentine’s Day is a bottle of Yellow Tail smashed over your head by a disappointed lover.[3]

5. Study up on the bubbly.

If you just have to pop the top on Valentine’s Day, search online to find decent champagne for under $50 or less.[4] One of the worst-kept secrets is that most people can’t taste the difference between expensive and cheap champagne.

6. Find Groupon bargains.

You can save big bucks on dining with Groupon. You might even stumble onto some fun date ideas while browsing for good deals.

7. Give love coupons.

Nothing says “I love you” like a coupon for a massage or other luxuries. There are many options (wink, wink). You’ll find an abundance of printable love coupons online.[5]

8. Write a poem or letter expressing your love.

If this gift is part of a total Valentine’s Day package, you’ll be seen as a sweet romantic. If it’s your only gift, you’d better be a really, really good writer.

9. Put together a love song playlist.

The tried and true “mixtape” never fails to impress.[6] What man or woman wouldn’t want a CD or playlist with songs that remind them how loved they are? If the object of your affection has Spotify or a similar service, it’s easy to assemble and share.

10. Fashion a homemade gift.

Put together a photo album of all your fun times together. Or you can print and frame one or more of your favorite couple photos. You can also find plenty of DIY[7] Valentine’s Day gift ideas online.[8]

Hey guys, it’s Miss Money Michelle again. Are you having a great new year? Well, get ready because Valentine’s Day is almost here. This time, I’m asking people how they feel about Valentine’s Day and what they expect that special someone to spend. Check it out…

Michelle: All right ladies, I’d love to hear what your opinion is on Valentine’s Day this year.

Woman on the street: Not excited about it.

Other woman on the street: I hate Valentine’s Day.

Woman on the street: It’s a very high-priced time.

Man on the street: I think it’s great to celebrate but I think it shouldn’t be anymore special than any other day.

Woman with him: See every day as Valentine’s Day.

Woman on the street: You should want to buy your girl stuff. You know, so no I don’t think you can spend too much.

Man with her: I do agree that people spend a lot of money.

Woman on the street: As much as they want, as long as it’s red.

Man on the street: You know you have to be sensible within your means. I think people get confused between love and payment.

Woman on the street: $50 5-0.

Woman on the street: It depends on if somebody wants a bracelet, it’s like $200, $300, well end the night. It’s a romantic time; it’s pretty up there. I’d say you’re looking at a $500 night.

Man on the street: For a gift? You know, spending at least $300, why not?

Woman on the street: Maybe about $1,000.

Woman on the street: OK, let’s try to be modest, um I give you a $150 limit. That’s what it is, $150.

Woman on the street: They shouldn’t be spending any money on their credit card.

Man on the street: People are spending a lot of money. You can still do special stuff for each other, it doesn’t have to be gifts. It can be, you know, anything there. But you’re saving the money because it’s for your future later on.

Woman on the street: For right now, it’s OK. I’m down with you until you get it together. But once you get it together, you owe me. So, yeah, I want multiple gifts when you get your debt together.

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