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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Don’t Have To Lift A Finger To Buy

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Written by Michelle Bryan

Forget breakfast in bed. You can order these great Mother’s Day gift ideas without getting out of bed.

Gird yourself, mothers. Your day is coming, and based on a fantastically unscientific poll of the office, you are about to enter a period of extreme bathing, reading, writing, and gardening — with the occasional bit of wine to carry you through. For the sons and daughters out there, here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that will plant a flag in your mother’s heart forever more. Precisely hit the mark at least well enough to remain in her good graces, or, in some cases, these gifts should be purchased only under a cautionary flag.

Winning her heart with words

The market is apparently rife with great Mother’s Day gift ideas made complete by your written memories for Mom. I can’t imagine any mother who won’t love that, unless you, the giver, takes these blank-page opportunities to recall Mom’s (surely unintentional) shortcomings.

Letters to Mom

A package of pre-designed letters that you write and send. For those of you who lock up at a blank page, 10 of the 12 cards come with prompts. “One thing I’m glad we share…” “A special memory I have of you.” Bonus: Send something special with it like tickets for you to see a movie with her or have lunch together.

letters to mom book

“I Love You Mom” Memory Book

If the Letters to Mom sounds cool, but you could fill a book with the memories. These great Mother’s Day gift ideas have you (hard) covered with 64 pages. It too has some prompts to get you going. Dad: Give this to the kids to fill. This is not a gift for procrastinators, you’ll need loads of lead time to fill the pages properly.

I love you Mom book

Or let her do the writing in notebooks like these

Pineapple Laser Cut Wood Journal

This one is a convenient size, and the cover is pretty enough to leave out on a desk or nightstand, but not very flexible if your mom likes to tote a journal in her purse.

pineapple wood journal

What I like about this is how the spiral binding is visible only when you open the notebook. That means it’s less likely to get caught on your sweater or crushed in your purse. Next level: Throw in a fancy pen.

Kate Spade notebook

Get Mom charged and organized

Winston iPhone Stand Charging Dock

Everyone needs to charge their phone, so this is handy. Big question is whether Mom’s got an iPhone and whether she keeps it in a thick case. This stand “supports most thin cases and covers on the market.”

charging dock

Day Designer for 2018 Daily & Monthly Planner

A planner for people who don’t know how to plan. Not only does it have pages to chart your day and month, but it has pages that offer advice to better organize. I love these types of books. Using them is another thing entirely.

day planner with stripes

Me time for Mom

Bath Bombs

If Mom loves her tub, six bath bombs loaded with mineral salts and cocoa butters are great. But if you really want to deliver, spend the night before cleaning the bathroom and stocking it with fresh towels and candles.

bath bombs

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Tub time rises to the next level when you have a tray to hold the wine glass and a book or tablet. The description says it has room for your phone too, which kills the spa vibe for me. But the promo picture stands a candle on the spot instead. I feel more relaxed already.

bamboo bath caddy

3-Wick Candles

Three-wick candles seem to scent a room much faster than their single flame counterparts. And they cost just enough that they sometimes feel too indulgent to buy for yourself. But isn’t that the definition of a perfect gift?

Bath & Body Works, jewel lid 3-wick candle

Scented Oil Reed Diffuser

Not a fan of candles but still want to fill a room with the scent of flowers or spices? This will do the trick, and it comes in a pretty box that holds a pretty glass holder in which to hold the reeds.

reed diffuser

Great Mother’s Day gift ideas for the mom who drinks — anything

A theme emerges. Mothers around the country are clearly not hydrating enough. More than one of our office dwellers figure Mom is drinking a lot on the go and suggested a tumbler or insulated bottle as great Mother’s Day gift ideas. You know, things that work like a Thermos, but would never be called a Thermos, because that’s so old and so Dad, right? Their picks:

Kate Spade Polka Dot Tumbler

This cup is part practical, part accessory, but shouldn’t go in the dishwasher. Translation: If your mom values style over ease, this is for her. If she considers hand-washing dishes a form of torture, move on.

Kate Spade polka dot tumbler

The Simple Modern Cruiser tumbler

Aka tumbler on steroids. Double-walled and vacuum-insulated, this tumbler promises to keep hot beverages hot and iced drinks cold without burning your fingers or sweating in your cup holders. It comes in lots of colors, but once again, we have a hand-wash-only item. Maybe what moms really need is someone to wash their mugs.

Vacuum insulated travel mug

Mira Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Another high-grade steel drink container for hot and cold beverages — this one shaped like a water bottle with a lid. Looks like it could survive a life in the gym bag, so that’s a plus. The two warnings here: don’t leave sugary drinks in the bottle for too long, and don’t over-tighten the cap. Seriously.

stainless steel water bottle

Bring me the wine

Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack

Holds 10 bottles in a wavy, modern design intended to be “reminiscent of the gently lapping waves of the Bali shore.” No one is stopping you from sending Mom to Bali, but if that’s outside of the budget, perhaps you could splurge for some good wine too.

wine rack

Stainless Steel Wine Cooling Pearls

Ice cubes made of steel. I’m one of those annoying people who chew on cubes. If your mom is a member of this tribe, don’t buy this item. And while this idea is pretty cool — keep your beverage cold, but not watered down with cubes of steel — reviews are mixed on whether they work. Proceed with caution.

wine pearls

Moms with green thumbs

The Phalaenopsis Orchid

Sending flowers is nice. Sending orchids is nicer. The blooms last longer — up to two months — and come back again in a year. Even the watering instructions are easy: Each orchid gets three ice cubes once a week.


Desktop Planter

This combination pen holder and small cactus planter work if Mom has a desk at home or work. But if this is your plan, make a stop at the nursery to get the plant because one isn’t included.

concrete desktop planter

Macrame Shelf Hanging Planter

I had no idea that macrame anything was still sold anywhere. You absolutely must have a clear idea of Mom’s design sensibilities before you go here. If she’s a woman of rattan furniture and/or has a fondness for hanging vines, you’re good to go. Otherwise, pass.

hanging plant hanger

Alternately, we have the…

3-Tier Bamboo Stand with Ceramic Plant Pots

The pots which come in white or slate black are designed to hold those palm-sized succulent plants. A little more modern than the macrame. Downside: You’ll need to buy the tiny cactus separately.

plant pot tray

Anything that says “Best Mom Ever”

The secret Mom Handbook, if you could get your hands on one, would tell you that the best gift in the world or even the most sought-after one is automatically elevated with the words “Best Mom Ever.”

“Best Mom Ever” Jewelry tray

A perfect example. A 4 ¼ inch square ceramic dish doesn’t begin to cover my jewelry needs, but this is one of those gifts you keep anyway because someone special gave it to you — and because it is proof that on at least one given day you qualified as Best Mom Ever.

jewelry tray

If your credit rating is keeping you from the Mother’s Day of your dreams, find out how to fix it.

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