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How to save big in 30 seconds

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Written by Kelsey Bell

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Learn how in just 30 seconds a day and make your new year’s resolution come true.


Way back in 2015, reported that more than a third of Americans made a New Year’s resolution to save more money — but a quarter of those knew they weren’t going to keep it.

What doomed them? Ambition. We tend to make grand New Year’s resolutions, then get discouraged when we can’t live up to those too-high expectations. The solution? Lower expectations!

When it comes to saving money, prefers you start modestly. So every weekday this month, we’ll show you how to save in 30 seconds. Check out our videos below, which we’ll keep adding throughout the month. If you follow even some of them, you’ll notice those little savings will add up to something huge by this time next year….

1. Finding the Right Bank

Make sure your bank is helping you, not vice versa. Here’s how.

2. Cut the Electric Bill

Believe it or not, your power company will help you save money.

3. Credit Card Interest

You might have more power to negotiate than you think.

4. Make Budgeting Easy

You know you have to do it, so here’s how to get budgeting done even when it’s not very fun.

5. Insurance Discounts

Here’s one big way to save on every kind of insurance.

6. Credit Reports

The credit bureaus make mistakes too, and they can cost you. But they don’t have to.

7. Debt Counseling

There’s free help for getting out of debt. Take charge today.

8. FSAs

A smart way to save for a variety of expenses without taxes.

9. Save Hundreds on Phones

You don’t need the latest, because it won’t be the latest long. Stop wasting money.

10. Generic Items

You can’t tell the difference until you look at your bank account.

11. Deductibles

You can save 15 percent and it probably won’t cost you later.

12. Vampires

Some of your appliances waste your money while you’re not using them.

13. Tires

Proper tire pressure will save gas, and so will lots of other little tricks. It adds up.

14. Student Loans

You can probably get lower payments through a federal program. Some people can even get their loans forgiven.

15. Easy Cooking

Save money by being lazy AND not getting takeout.

16. Saving a Bundle

Buying in bulk can work on insurance, too.

17. Bright Idea

It’s worth the extra money to get energy-efficient bulbs.

18. Credit Card Debt

You can stop the fees, lower payments, and get back ahead through a debt management program.

19. Eat In

You’ll lose weight and save money, too.

20. New Cars

You’re wasting thousands of dollars just to be the first butt on the seat. Stop it.

21. Libraries

They’re a lot more than free books. You won’t believe how much stuff they just give away.

22. Back Taxes

The IRS will get payback if you don’t work out a pay-back plan. Make it easy on yourself.

23. Any Kind of Debt

No matter what your problem, we can help.

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