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Get Cash for Phones with a Gazelle Trade In

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Learn how to use Gazelle to get cash for phones, trade in existing electronics for new ones, and purchase refurbished devices cheaply.

Throwing out a good phone is a waste. Despite this, people trade in their old phones for newer models all the time. Some people just throw out their still-working older model phone in the garbage. Just because a phone is a little old doesn’t mean it’s trash. That’s where Gazelle comes in. Gazelle will buy your used iPhone or other devices. Through their online store, you can trade in or purchase old devices. Learn more about our experience with Gazelle and how it stacks up as a used-tech service.

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What is Gazelle?

Gazelle is a company that buys and sells smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, they don’t just take old phones then label them “like new.” On the contrary, Gazelle has a commitment to quality. Gazelle repairs the devices they buy before they sell them again. Gazelle is not affiliated with the manufacturers of the devices. The aim is to offer quality used electronics for a good price.

How does it work?

Buying is quite simple, and functions much like other online shops. For selling, the initial step in the process is to get an offer for your device. First, you answer a few simple questions about your device’s condition. Then, they generate a quote to give you an idea of how much your device can fetch in the market. Gazelle will email you instructions for sending your device to them. Once Gazelle receives your device, team members inspect it and confirm its quality. If your item’s condition checks out, they pay you. Payment comes in the form of either an Amazon gift card, PayPal, or check.

What’s great about Gazelle is they adhere to a 30-point inspection for phones. This is their guideline for inspecting 30 different features of the phones they receive. With this inspection guideline, they can’t make arbitrary markups to pay you less. Here are some of the basic aspects of your device that Gazelle will inspect:

  • Does the phone fully power on?
  • Does the phone fully light up? (this ensures quality of LCD panel)
  • Is the phone fully functional? This is what Gazelle will inspect: cameras, sound, vibration, calling, charging ports, physical buttons, headphone jacks, screen, apps, and standard features like GPS.
  • Surface of phone–are there cracks, dents, chips, or dings?

For blemishes, Gazelle has its own guide for that too.

  • Excellent condition: looks nearly perfect
  • Good condition: blemishes are small and not common
  • Fair condition: noticeable signs of wear

Instead of mailing in your device, you can also drop it off at a kiosk. This will provide you with instant payment. The downside is the payment will be slightly less than if you were to mail it. Additionally, they do not accept computers.

How does the Gazelle trade-in program work?

Phones are Gazelle’s main bread and butter, but you can buy and sell other devices too. Tablets, MP3 players, and computers are also part of their repertoire. If you have several of these devices and are looking to sell them, you can take advantage of the Gazelle Rewards program. Like most reward systems, you earn points for interacting with the company. With Gazelle, there are several ways to earn points.

The basic way to earn points is to sell your devices. For each dollar Gazelle gives you, you earn one point. These points allow you to sell your next item for more money. This makes the rewards program perfect for families with multiple devices. The first time you sell a device to Gazelle, you are awarded 50 bonus points. Here are some other ways to earn points:

  • Signing up for the rewards program.
  • Referring a friend.
  • Visiting Gazelle’s website.
  • Following them on social media.

Current Gazelle phones and tech

Gazelle cannot accept every item on the market. For example, they won’t buy a first-generation iPhone. Here is a list of items available for trade.

  • iPhones: iPhones going back to iPhone 5. iPhone 5 through iPhone XS Max. They also accept a wide variety of Samsung phones.
  • Other Phones: Google Pixel, HTC One M9, Motorola Droid, LG Flex
  • Tablets: iPad, Surface, Samsung Galaxy tablet
  • Laptop: Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro
  • Computer: iMac, iMac pro, iMac mini

The pros and cons

Gazelle has created a much-needed service that is easy to use. Below is a summary of some of Gazelle’s pros and cons.


  • They clearly explain the selling process.
  • Selling is easy
  • Gazelle Rewards points are easy to accumulate
  • Unsellable devices are recycled, reducing landfill waste


  • Rewards points are only useful if you sell to them again.
  • Some smaller carriers, like US Cellular, aren’t covered.
  • Competitors often offer more for devices.

Gazelle is a great company that makes the process of selling phones easy. Not only are they doing something that’s great for the environment, they’re doing a great service for us. Trading in phones or disposing of them can be a headache, but with Gazelle, the whole situation is a win-win.

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