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Getting the Best Medication Prices from WellRx

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Saving on prescription drugs is something everyone hopes for when they walk into their pharmacy. What if you could do that with more certainty? That’s the goal of ScriptSave WellRx, a free prescription discount app.

How does WellRx work?

Without registering, you can search for your medications on WellRx and get free coupons. The site/app will also show you which pharmacy to go to for the best price. You can also download a general prescription savings card to present to your pharmacist and automatically save on qualifying medications. According to the website, the average savings rate using the app is 54%.

Do you need a prescription to use it?

You don’t need a prescription in order to use ScriptSave WellRx, but you do need one to be able to pick up your medication from the pharmacy. Basically, the whole prescription process between you and your doctor is the same. The app just helps you save with coupons or the savings card.

Can you use it with insurance?

If you have insurance but it doesn’t cover a prescription you need, you can use it to reduce the price. You can also use it to reduce medication costs for family members that don’t have any insurance.

Can you use WellRx with Medicare?

This answer depends on whether you are registered for Medicare Part D or not. If you are enrolled in Medicare Part D, you can use WellRx on medications that aren’t covered. If you have Medicare but you aren’t on Medicare Part D, you can use WellRx for any medication.

What pharmacies accept WellRx?

The site states that 62,000 pharmacies accept the service. To see which pharmacies you can use in your area, simply search for your medication and the app will show you which pharmacies you can pick it up from.

Extra Features of the App

Although you don’t need an account to get prescription savings, registering will get you access to extra features like these:

  • Medicine Chest. The Medicine Chest feature helps you manage your list of medications and when you take them. Take your pills on time, remember if you already took a dose, and get reminded when you need refills.
  • Pet med discounts. Not all families are only made up of humans, and WellRx knows it. The savings card also works on many pet prescriptions.

WellRx Reviews

We really tried to find some negative reviews of WellRx to round out this overview, but they were few and far between. In fact, every review of the company on Better Business Bureau is 5 stars.

On the Apple App Store, its rating is 4.1. One user complained that one of their prescriptions was priced higher on WellRx than on other discount prescription apps. Its rating on the Google Play store is lower than 4, but many of the complaints mention the function of the app itself rather than whether or not the discounts worked.

Interested in trying out WellRx for yourself? Go to to sign up.

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