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Getting More For Less: FlexShopper Is Blowing Up The Rent-To-Own Business

Written by Michelle Bryan

Learn more about why FlexShopper is changing the rent-to-own industry. You shouldn’t have to be penalized by retail stores when trying to re-establish good credit.

Online shopping is cutting into the profits of the brick-and-mortar retail industry. What about Americans who don’t have enough money to shop online? That’s where FlexShopper has flexed its muscle. Here is our review.

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What is FlexShopper?

Over the past four years, FlexShopper has moved the rent-to-own business totally online. No more driving around town looking for a couch, refrigerator or even tires.

FlexShopper is rent-to-own on steroids, says CEO Brad Bernstein.

“We all know that e-commerce has been cutting into brick-and-mortar retail sales for over a decade,” he says. “There is a large segment of the population that does not have sufficient cash or credit to shop online like everyone else.”

Bernstein says his mission is to help Americans who “do not have adequate cash or credit to acquire durable goods online like everyone else.” It’s not just a matter of convenience. It’s about choice.

“For almost 50 years this consumer has been relegated to shopping in brick and mortar rent-to-own stores with primarily used products and very limited selection,” he says. “This consumer wants to shop online like everyone else for their electronics, appliances, and televisions.”

Is FlexShopper Safe to Use?

FlexShopper doesn’t limit itself to the usual rent-to-own fare. You can shop for a snow blower, a baby monitor, or even a smartwatch.

“Computers for home and work are very popular,” Bernstein says. “Entertainment is a significant category for us. Gaming stations and televisions are top sellers.”

What happens if you don’t pay FlexShopper? FlexShopper lets anyone with good credit or bad credit apply.  Instant spending limits are approved for up to $2,500. FlexShopper doesn’t use nationwide credit reporting agencies to make its decision but it is important to make your payments on time to avoid negative reporting. If you need help with a budget click here.

View the website’s 85,000 items, and sign an electronic lease agreement.  Your payments are automatically deducted from your bank account.  After one year, you own what you were renting. It’s that simple.

FlexShopper Merchants

FlexShopper partners with known companies like Best Buy, Overstock, and Walmart on almost any product category you can think of. Check out today!

How does FlexShopper work?

It is easy to purchase the items you need from FlexShopper.

  • First, sign up for an account.
  • Choose the item you need from either their site or your favorite retailer.
  • Choose your shipping and delivery method.

That’s it!

When you are experiencing a credit or debt situation we understand that it can be difficult to purchase necessary big-ticket items. Building credit and paying off debt can take time. You shouldn’t have to sleep on the floor because your local mattress store won’t give you the credit you need to buy a bed. Make sure that you are putting money away into emergency savings and that the items you buy or rent are within your budget.

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